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What they're saying
Michael Hennigan
@meatballtruckco @RochesterRhinos well earned. Those truffle fries too!
Lew PG
@mhennigan @RochesterRhinos @meatballtruckco football lines on the pitch = awesome
Michael Hennigan
Great first time seeing @RochesterRhinos. 1-0 over Toronto. The @meatballtruckco is a great find too
Joshua Dennie
@meatballtruckco The Meatball Truck's newest fan. Grace can't wait for her first meatball. #littlemeatball
Pathology at URMC
Great day for food trucks! Thank you @RocBentoBox @lepetitpoutine @MartysMeats and #Lugias!
Kathy Laluk
When you work in AM TV, sometimes you eat Banh Mi sandwiches from @MartysMeats for breakfast! #breakfastofchamps
Sir Rocha Says
That time you order a Pastrami, Egg 🍳 & Cheese from @MartysMeats and the cook is rocking a @sirrochasays t-shirt. 😎 #BestDayEver πŸ™ŒπŸ»
Exploring Upstate
"Breakfast poutine for Chris?!" "Yes, please. And thank you!" @lepetitpoutine
American Templar
Marcia J. Greenwood
@meatballtruckco and @Macarollin right outside my window. Pretty much a dream come true. #ROC
Flour City Pasta
@meatballtruckco Yo late congrats on the state fair. Awesome balls
Laura Opiela
@meatballtruckco I told you you had me at lasagna: best I've ever had!!! #delish