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Angelique Armstrong
hey @lepetitpoutine check out the ESL Facebook ad, inspired me to chase down the truck last Fri for a fix!
Laura Rebecca Kenyon
@MartysMeats still full ;)
Laura Rebecca Kenyon
Uh-oh: @martysmeats now delivers. I may never eat a salad for lunch again. #roceats
Jonathan Falk
Well, this was bonkers delicious. Bravo, @Stingrayfusion.
@lepetitpoutine We have a guy now who sends out a company-wide email when you come now :-) @WXXIrochester <3s Poutine
@MartysMeats pork belly 👍
Needed @lepetitpoutine for lunch today because everything else is terrible. #poutine #bacon #ROC @…
Ron Ferrara
Cheese curds are so much better when they're not hitting you in the face! @lepetitpoutine is killing it with their sloppy joe special!
Geeks Who Drink ROC
Tonight we find out who is worthy of tour and tasting Private quiz @BlackButton85 @Tuscanwoodfired pizza at 6 PM
Juan Vazquez
@SashaAnnSimons there is nothing wrong with a little Mac N cheese from @BrickNMotor